LABORDA ASSOCIATES is an architecture and project management consultancy firm based in Lagos, Nigeria. Our beginnings go back to 1995 when Jess Castellote, a Spanish architect, and Maurizio Fattarelli, an Italian structural engineer, started Project Development Consultants Ltd. (PDC), a Lagos-based, multidisciplinary consultancy firm. In 2007 we started the process of broadening the scope of our activities and redefining the organizational structure of the firm. With the incorporation of new associate partners the practice became RedGrey Associates (RGA), led by Maurizio Fattarelli. In 2010 a separate firm was set up: Laborda Associates, led by Jess Castellote. With over two and a half decades of experience in managing building projects in the country he brings to Laborda Associates a thorough understanding of the practical conditions in which building projects need to be planned, designed and executed in Nigeria. Our professional staff, working with firms of architects, engineers and building cost consultants is able to create “ad-hoc” multi-disciplinary teams that can offer comprehensive services through a single “point of contact” between the project owner and the rest of the project stakeholders